A complete look at the Agniveer Recruitment Scheme, including age criteria, salary, facilities, and application process Agniveer - Share Market Daily

Agniveers will wear a distinctive insignia on their uniforms to recognize and encourage youth. Presented in association with IGNOU. Agniveers will receive graduation degrees from the Armed Forces.

The Indian Government launched the Agnipath Scheme on June 15 to recruit young people for the Indian Armed Forces.

The newly launched scheme has been the subject of many speculations and confusions.

Using information provided by the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces,

A complete look at the Agniveer Recruitment Scheme, including age criteria, salary, facilities, and application process Agniveer - Share Market Daily
A complete look at the Agniveer Recruitment Scheme, including age criteria, salary, facilities, and application process Agniveer – Share Market Daily

A complete look at the Agniveer Recruitment Scheme, including age criteria, salary, facilities, and application process

the following FAQs will help you better understand the scheme.

What is Agnipath Recruitment Scheme?

HR Management is a new system for the Indian Armed Forces.

Candidates recruited through this scheme will be called Agniveers.

In addition to the acts of the Armed Forces, Army, Navy, and Air Force, they will be subject to the requirements of those Armed Forces.

Armed Forces will give them a new rank that differs from the existing ranks

A contract stating Agniveers’ acceptance of the Agnipath Scheme must be signed by every Agniveer.

A parent or guardian must sign the enrolment document if the Agniveer is under 18 years of age..

Under the Agnipath scheme, recruitment will last for four years.

Based on their performance during their four-year engagement period with the Armed Forces, up to 25% of Agniveers from any particular batch will be offered regular positions based on their requirements and policies.

Agniveers will return to society in 75% of cases.

How do I apply for Agnipath Scheme? What are the eligibility criteria and terms?

Candidates must be between the ages of 17.5 and 21.

All classes are welcome.

In accordance with the guidelines laid down by the respective Armed Forces, all candidates must pass their medical tests.

In accordance with the requirements of the respective Armed Forces, the Agniveers will receive training.

The armed forces may assign Agniveers under this entry any duty in organizational interest.

Do Agniveers’ uniforms have any insignia to distinguish them?

During their engagement period, Agniveers will wear a distinctive insignia on their uniform to celebrate youth.

What awards and honors are available to Agniveers?

As per extant guidelines for the respective armed forces, they will be eligible for honours and awards.

As far as the Agniveers’ assessment is concerned, what happened during their service period?

A centralized online database of ‘Agniveers’ will be maintained by the Armed Forces and a high-quality common assessment system will be followed.

A fair and impartial assessment system will be implemented in order to ensure fairness and impartiality.

A systematic record will be kept of the skills acquired by Agniveers. A broad set of guidelines will be drafted before the appointment of the first batch of Agniveers, and these guidelines, as well as any subsequent changes, will be distributed to the audiences.

Agniveers will receive yearly leaves, right?

Despite the fact that the leaves are granted at the sole discretion of the Armed Forces, they will be entitled to 30 leave days per year, as well as sick leave based on medical advice.

Will Agniveers get a medical facility?

As Agniveer, they will have access to medical facilities and CSD provisions while in the Armed Forces.

Agniveer may leave the Armed Forces before the end of his assigned tenure?

Under the regulations, they are not allowed to leave the Armed Forces until they have completed a four-year tenure.

Competent Authorities may, however, grant permission in exceptional cases.

How much will Agniveers be paid, what allowances they will receive, and what other benefits they will receive?

In the first year, Agniveers will receive Rs 30,000/- in salary, and it will increase each year thereafter.

The Agniveer Corpus Fund will receive 30% of the salary. As a Seva Nidhi package, Agniveers will receive approximately Rs 11.5 lakhs in hand after accumulating the necessary amount during the tenure. Agniveers will receive tax-free income under Seva Nidhi.

Agniveers will also receive a non-contributory life insurance of Rs 48 lakh that will be paid to the family in the event of an Agniveer’s death in the line of duty.

No PF contributions will be made by Agniveers. There is speculation that PF will be deducted above contributions to Agniveer Corpus Fund, but this is not true.

Is there a provision for compensation in the event of disability or death?

As a result of Agniveer’s disability, he will receive a one-time ex-gratia disability package of Rs 44 lakh for 100% disability, Rs 25 lakh for 75% disability, and Rs 15 lakh for 50% disability.

In addition to the paid service, Agniveer will receive the Seva Nidhi package for both served and non-served periods of service.

The family of Agniveer will receive Rs 48 lakh from the life insurance policy along with the Seva Nidhi package for the period of service.

They will receive pay for the non-served period, ex-gratia of Rs 44 lakh, Seva Nidhi Package for both the served and non-served periods if Agniveer died during service or during combat, riots, violence, terrorist attacks, anti-social elements, enemies, peacekeeping operations or aid to civil power.

Candidates who have passed the medical and physical tests and are currently awaiting exams for recruitment into the Armed Forces?

Agniveer will be the only recruitment channel for the Armed Forces. Those candidates have to reapply based on their eligibility.

When Agniveers reach the end of their four-year service term, what happens to them?

Armed Forces will call 25% of Agniveers for regular recruitment. Remaining members will rejoin society.

The government, PSUs, paramilitary forces, and state governments have all pledged to give preference to Agniveers who complete their four years of service in the Armed Forces.

Upon completion of four years of service, the Armed Forces will provide Agniveers with graduation degrees through IGNOU that will help them move on to higher education.

Can women participate in Agniveer?

When the scheme was announced, it was pointed out that it would also be open to women.

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