The India Meteorological Department reported on Thursday that the maximum temperature in Delhi-NCR and other regions of northwest India may drop by a few degrees over the weekend, but no major relief is expected until June 15.

Easterly breezes loaded with moisture are expected to deliver major alleviation starting from June 16th.

“There is a heatwave warning for a few places in Delhi on Thursday but a steep rise in the temperature is not predicted,” said senior IMD scientist RK Jenamani.’

He predicted that the temperature would drop on June 11-12, but that real respite would not occur until June 15. Over the weekend, the weather will be cloudy, but there will be less chance of rain, he added. The temperature will be around between 40 and 43 degrees Celsius.

According to Jenamani, the conditions are favorable for the resumption of the monsoon’s progress over Goa and some additional areas of parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu in the following two days.

The region may see thunderstorms and rainfall due to moisture-laden easterly winds June 16 onwards which is expected to bring a significant relief from the heat,” he added.

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