Two Brothers Have Been Identified As The Men Who Jumped Off The Martha's Vineyard 'jaws' Bridge

Two Brothers Have Been Identified As The Men Who Jumped Off The Martha’s Vineyard ‘jaws’ Bridge

There have been two men identified as being two brothers from Jamaica who were working seasonal jobs in the area when they went missing after jumping off the Martha’s Vineyard bridge featured in the horror classic “Jaws”.

According to the Cape and Islands district attorney’s office, one of the siblings, 26-year-old Tavaris Bulgin, was found dead early Monday morning.

The search for the victim’s 21-year-old brother, Tavaughn Bulgin, was suspended Tuesday afternoon due to dangerous weather conditions, according to officials. As of Wednesday, there had been no sign of him.

Two Brothers Have Been Identified As The Men Who Jumped Off The Martha’s Vineyard ‘jaws’ Bridge

In a statement released by the district attorney’s office on Monday, the Bulgin siblings, sons of a Jamaican pastor, were among four people who leaped from the Jaws Bridge into 15 feet of water on Sunday night, according to the office.

Two of the jumpers managed to get out of the water safely, but the Bulgins struggled against the strong current and were unable to reach the shore because of the strong current.

A team of US Coast Guard officers and state and local police responded to the incident and began searching for the missing couple in the water.

As early as 6:30 a.m. on Monday, Tavaris’ body was recovered.

Earlier Tuesday, authorities returned to the scene armed with a side-scan sonar device to search for Tavaughn, who was missing and presumed dead at the time.

As a result of halting the search around 3 p.m., state police said they will continue to monitor weather conditions daily in order to determine when it is safe for divers to return to the water.

During the season, the Bulgins worked at Nomans Restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard as seasonal workers. The Rev. Keith Bulgin, who is a pastor at a church in the family’s hometown of Clarendon, Jamaica, held a vigil in their honor on Monday in their memory, as reported in the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper.

A GoFundMe campaign that has been launched in order to help the Bulgin family transport the bodies home for burial as well as to cover their funeral expenses has described the two brothers in glowing terms.

“Avaris and Tavaughn left a strong impression on everyone they met — at 26 and 21 years old, they had bright smiles, charismatic personalities, unshakeable faith, and an unrelenting positive attitude that made them such a pleasure to be around,” organizer Doug Abdelnour wrote on the fundraiser’s website.

Having recently graduated from the University of Technology in Jamaica, Tavaris had begun his studies at the University of West Indies, where Tavaughn was studying business.

There is no doubt that both men were active in their father’s ministry in Clarendon and played music.

According to Abdelnour, “Tavaris was well known as a beloved school teacher, and Tavaughn was well known as a musical prodigy, and a gifted soccer/football player,” he stated. There was no doubt that both boys would make a difference in every community they served and every endeavor they pursued in their lives.

George Omar, who was best man at Rev. Bulgin’s wedding years earlier, wrote on Facebook that Tavaris and Tavaugh were like his “blood sons.”

He wrote, “I loved them so much.”. “I have known them since birth.”. “They are smart, jovial, crazy, full of life, and talented individuals.”

In a recent interview with Omar, he revealed that his siblings had visited him at his home in Connecticut just a few weeks ago and cooked for him as well.

“I drove them to Martha’s Vineyard,” he recollected. “I was the one who drove them there.” “They both called me about 4 days ago for my birthday… They promised me they would have a celebration for me when they return in a few weeks.”

The brothers are survived by their parents, Rev. Bulgin and his wife, Jackie, as well as their two sisters, Tavanny and Tavana, and their two brothers.

The bridge that connects the towns of Oak Bluffs and Edgartown is officially known as the American Legion Memorial Bridge, although it is often called Jaws Bridge by local residents.

It is common for people to line up in the summer months in order to jump from the span, despite the fact that there are signs nearby warning the public that such activity is prohibited.