Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Is Taming The Beast With A Opening Of $21 Million At The Box Office

On its first day at the domestic box office, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” scored $10.7 million, which provides a perfect opportunity for it to top the charts for the weekend.

There is a forecast that Crunchyroll will have an opening of $20 million in its release in 3,007 locations, marking the most comprehensive release the distributor has ever seen.

As part of the release of this anime film, a substantial presence is also being made in premium format auditoriums such as Imax, 4DX, and Dolby Cinemas.

As a result, this marks a notable increase over the $9.8 million domestic opening score that “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” scored in 2018, the previous entry in the series.

It is also worth noting that this figure is almost identical to the debut of Funimation’s “Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie” in March of this year, which had a debut of $18 million.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Is Taming The Beast With A Opening Of $21 Million At The Box Office

I think it’s safe to say that both comparisons demonstrate how anime has acquired a sizable domestic audience over the past few years, with new releases carrying enough event status to attract fans of their respective properties to theaters.

'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' Tames 'Beast' With $21 Million Opening
‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ Tames ‘Beast’ With $21 Million Opening

When two Androids called “Super Heroes” attacked Piccolo and Gohan in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, they were forced to defeat the evil schemes of the villainous Red Ribbon Army.

This is the 21st film in the “Dragon Ball” series, but it is only the second to carry the title “Super” as well. The film has grossed about $18 million worldwide since it opened in Japan in June.

Michael Nordine called the film “solid fan service,” but warned that this shouldn’t be the viewer’s first introduction to the world of “Dragon Ball” in his Variety review. “The characters such as Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta are all back, and while they’re all compelling characters, there’s a lot of weight to what they do here because of their individual and shared histories,” Nordine wrote in the review.

As far as second place is concerned, “Beast” seems to be lagging behind. There were $4.2 million in ticket sales on Friday for Universal’s thriller, and the weekend’s total is expected to reach $10.1 million, according to a report.

In the film, Idris Elba plays the role of a doctor who has to guard his daughters from a very pissed-off lion who wants to kill them. During the film’s production, a total of $36 million was spent on the project.