'partying Pm' Videos From Finland Have Drawn Comparisons Between The Behavior Of American Politicians And That Of Finns

‘partying Pm’ Videos From Finland Have Drawn Comparisons Between The Behavior Of American Politicians And That Of Finns

In the wake of a new leaked video, the Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, has been accused of “partying” too much and has been accused of “being too carefree”.

The American public, however, has weighed in by comparing Marin with politicians from the United States who seem to have an entirely different reputation from those of Marin from the United States.

There were also some who compared the situation to the one when a video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing appeared online a few months ago.

It has been reported by Visegrád 24 that a new video of Marin, the 36-year-old Finnish PM, has appeared online.

It is estimated that the video has been viewed over 1.2 million times on Twitter alone and that thousands of people have commented on and shared the video.

Video footage posted alongside the video footage reads: “Visegrád 24 wrote alongside the video footage that she has previously been criticized for attending too many music festivals and spending too much money on partying instead of ruling.” According to critics, it’s not an appropriate dress for a prime minister.”

‘Partying Pm’ Videos From Finland Have Drawn Comparisons Between The Behavior Of American Politicians And That Of Finns

The video, which appears to have been taken from the Instagram stories of a user called @rayharautio, appears to show Marin along with a group of friends singing and dancing to music to the tune of music.

As the video goes on, they perform several times for the camera in what appears to be the setting of a house party.

In the comparisons between Finland and America, a number of U.S. politicians were examined in terms of their conduct. According to @thatjenmonroe, the United States is full of “old politicians who go to bed at 9 pm every night” while Finland, on the other hand, has Marin.

In addition to the comparisons, @VersaceCeaser elaborated on them. They wrote that “Finland: Our leaders are young, based, and party too hard. America: Our leaders are basically corpses, no good ideas, and are never invited to parties.”

“Lol, America is down bad man. When did Finland become cooler?” @FakeDawnSummers wrote retweeting the video footage of Marin.

“Meanwhile in America,” wrote @fourtwenty4_20 as they retweeted a message from filmmaker and comedian Rob Reiner discussing Liz Cheney.

“Liz Cheney’s overwhelming loss makes it abjectly clear. The Republican Party has abandoned American Democracy in fealty to a Sociopathic Criminal,” Reiner wrote.

Others compared Marin’s conduct to former president Donald Trump’s reputation. “I’m willing to bet Sanna Marin spends less time in the club than Trump spent golfing,” wrote @MatthewDownhour. “Trump would have gotten away with worse,” stated @rovim15615.

Finland recently applied to join NATO, which prompted @OurBlueAmerica to joke “It’s not too late to kick Finland back out of NATO” in response to the video.

“In America, a third of the country is armed with weapons of war and waging terrorism before and after a coup to install a dictator for life and to murder the line of succession.

All while institutions crumble around us,” wrote @RealNeilC before adding, ” In #Finland, the problem is the PM is too hot.”

The British Twitter community weighed in on the matter as well, comparing Marin’s party and her dancing to the footage of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson dancing to Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” on TV.

Marin, who was elected to office in 2019, has been involved in drama, which has been connected with partying, in the past.

Due to the fact that she had left her governmental work phone elsewhere when she went to a nightclub in December 2021 after being in contact with someone with C-19, she did not receive a text telling her to isolate herself.

Her poor judgment was later apologized for by her later in the day.

As Marin’s video was widely discussed on social media, including Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok, some criticized her, while others stated that they saw nothing wrong with the politician enjoying herself as she uploaded her video.

“This isn’t news just let them enjoy their lives like normal people,” wrote @fungi_man on Reddit.

Twitter user @KatriBertram called the video a “bit of an AOC moment” in reference to a previously resurfaced video of politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing in college.

“This is like when Republicans release a video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing in college,” wrote Reddit user @djluminol, “They must have thought everyone is going to see she’s a fool. It was adorable though. I’m sure the same will happen here.”

Some AOC detractors voice their disapproval online too. “What […] is wrong with #Finland? They let their #AOC become president,” wrote @RedPillOJCoin on Twitter.

Melania Podolyak, an American political commentator, tried her best to put things in context for people on Twitter in her tweets.

Having some experience in the field of behavior unbecoming of an elected head of state, I would like to assure you that “dancing to the music” is, literally, not even on the Bingo card for ‘behavior unbecoming of an elected head of state,” she wrote in her email.

Dan McLaughlin, the writer for the National Review, summarised the reaction of a viewer to the leaked video by saying it depended on how she performed as prime minister.

If she’s doing a good job, this is charming. If she’s not, this is offensive. If she’s not doing a good job, this is offensive.

In a democracy, voters are willing to tolerate eccentricity and frivolity, but only so long as you perform,” McLaughlin said.