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India’s traditional rural way of living guiding world, says President Kovind

By Mahesh Limbani May 22, 2022

India’s “traditional rural way of living” has been providing lessons to the world community as it faces the climate change crisis, President Ram Nath Kovind said in Vadodara Saturday.

“India’s traditional rural way of living has been guiding the world community that is battling the challenges of climate change. All of us can save our Earth by protecting the environment and treating nature in a compassionate way. By protecting our rivers, ponds, trees, seeds, cows and all living beings, mankind can also be saved,” Kovind said addressing a `Yuva Shivir’ (youth camp) organised by Shree Swaminarayan Temple at Kundaldham in Vadodara district through a pre-recorded video message.

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The youth play an important role in the progress of society and nation, and there is a need to give them proper guidance for leading a smooth and addiction-free life, Kovind said, urging the youth to take to serving the society and contribute towards nation-building. Kovind urged the youth to contribute to nation-building by being “compassionate and preserving nature.”

Appreciating the Swaminarayan sect for being at the forefront of service to mankind, Kovind hailed the “camp that helps instill life-values as per the Indian traditions in the youth”.

“Kundaldham Shree Swaminarayan Mandir has set an ideal example of service to the nation by providing assistance to the needy during natural calamities, by offering free food and medicines to the poor, and by transforming the temple into a COVID Hospital during the pandemic,” he said.

The President also appreciated “Hari-Charitamrit Sagar,” a compilation of writings on the life, thoughts and teachings of Lord Swaminarayan engraved on titanium plates, saying this “immortal book” will not be destroyed “for ten thousand years”. It was a unique example of efforts to “save and pass on our heritage to future generations,” Kovind added.

Stressing on the ongoing campaign for natural farming, Kovind said, “Gujarat has progressed not only as an industrial state but also in the field of agriculture, leading the way for a zero budget farming. The youth play a very important role in building nations and societies and therefore, such camps are helpful in channeling the energy of the youth by giving them lessons for a good life with goals and keeping them from prey to addictions,” Kovind said.

The President also shared that he has drawn personal inspiration from the Hari-Charitamrit Sagar, a compilation of thoughts and teachings of Lord Swaminarayan, and urged the youth to “save and pass” the book to the future generations. He appreciated the initiatives taken by the temple to protect the environment.

“While Gujarat has presented a tableau of industrial progress in front of the country, the example of natural farming and zero budget agriculture has also been put forward,” the President said, referring to the effort of the temple to encourage organic farming and cultivate Ayurvedic and herbal medicinal plants which are distributed free of cost to the needy.

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