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Jordan Peele’s Nope Opens With A So-so $6 Million, While Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train Crosses $100 Million Worldwide

Jordan Peele’s Nope Opens With A So-so $6 Million, While Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train Crosses $100 Million Worldwide

At the international box office, Jordan Peele’s science-fiction thriller “Nope” produced a so-so $6.8 million from 19 territories, generating a so-so $6.4 million domestically.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the film had the biggest opening weekend with $2.1 million, which ranked below the $2.6 million haul that Peele’s debut feature “Get Out” racked up in the same territory following its release.

As a result, “Nope” has scored $1.2 million in Australia, a significant decline from the $1.4 million it earned in the same country for “Get Out”.

Jordan Peele’s Nope Opens With A So-so $6 Million, While Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train Crosses $100 Million Worldwide

Despite this, France only sold $1.2 million for “Nope,” which is a significant drop from “Get Out,” which opened to $2.7 million in the country at the box office.

Peele’s previous films, such as “Get Out” and “Us,” have all made most of their money at the domestic box office – and “Nope” appears to be on course to follow suit.

As of right now, the film has raked in an estimated $107 million in North America, making it the director’s third feature film (out of three) to surpass the $100 million mark in North America.

“Nope” hasn’t reached the domestic ticket sales of Peele’s debut feature “Get Out” ($176.1 million) or his sophomore effort “Us” ($175 million) in terms of domestic ticket sales yet.

He collected about $80 million from each of his first two films internationally, which adds up to a total of $255 million worldwide for his films.

As Peele’s latest mind-bending nightmare cost $68 million to produce – a significant increase compared to the filmmaker’s past films – Universal needs to make sure that it stays in theaters through the rest of the summer.

Additionally, Universal rolled out Idris Elba’s thriller “Beast” in 30 markets this weekend, including Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East, and Spain, earning a lackluster $4.6 million in those markets.

In North America, the movie, which is a gruesome survival thriller, is scheduled to be released next weekend.

In its seventh weekend in theaters, neither of those two newcomers was able to sell more tickets than the studio’s “Minions: The Rise of Gru,” which added $10.7 million from 80 territories in its seventh weekend on the big screen.

In terms of international box office, the animated sequel reached $447 million and on a global scale, it reached $790 million, which is a solid result for a family film set against the backdrop of a pandemic.

Taking into account Sunday’s box office business, Universal Pictures has now crossed the $3 billion mark at the global box office at the end of 2022.

The studio has reached the $3 billion mark in a single calendar year for the eighth time in the history of Universal Studios, and this is the first time since 2019 that the studio has reached a milestone.

In other international charts, Sony’s action-thriller “Bullet Train” collected a solid $17 million, making its overseas total for the movie to reach $60 million, marking the film’s first overseas success.

There are currently $114.5 million in ticket sales for Brad Pitt’s movie over the weekend, having crossed $100 million globally over the weekend.

In order to justify the price tag of the R-rated movie “Bullet Train,” it will need to continue to draw audiences in order to justify its $90 million budget.

“Bullet Train” lead the weekend box office with $1.7 million, bringing the movie’s total in the country to $5.8 million, with France leading the way with $1.7 million.

In the meantime, the United Kingdom brought in $1 million, Mexico brought in $1.3 million, and Australia brought in $1.3 million.

As of right now, the movie has not yet been released in South Korea (Aug. 24), Italy (Aug. 25), or Japan (Sept. 1).

On the other hand, Paramount’s “Top Gun: Maverick” enjoyed another strong outing in its 12th weekend of release, with $8.4 million from 64 markets.

To put things in perspective, Tom Cruise’s return to the cockpit has generated $704.2 million internationally and $673.8 million domestically, bringing the total worldwide to an eye-popping $1.377 billion.

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