Kiely Rodni's Body Was Found Near The Last Location Where She Was Last Seen

Kiely Rodni’s Body Was Found Near The Last Location Where She Was Last Seen

As a result of the independent diving group Adventures With Purpose and the sheriff’s office working together, the body was discovered in a vehicle that was parked in a California lake west of Reno, Nevada.

A vehicle that contained human remains was discovered in a California lake near the last estimated location of missing teenager Kiely Rodni, authorities said Sunday night.

The discovery in Prosser Lake, about 35 miles west of Reno, Nevada, was announced Sunday afternoon by a private collection of divers known as Adventures With Purpose.

Andrew Trygg, a spokesperson for the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, said late Sunday afternoon that investigators were at the scene trying to determine whether the vehicle is the one Rodney drove.

Kiely Rodni’s Body Was Found Near The Last Location Where She Was Last Seen

The neighboring Placer County Sheriff’s Office later confirmed the dive team’s report that a body was inside, but it said the identity of the deceased has not been determined.

A press conference was scheduled for Monday morning.

In a statement, Adventures With Purpose said it had found a vehicle and remains in the lake.

The team did not immediately respond to questions about what led it to express confidence that its find is related to the missing person case.

“It was found in 14 feet of water,” the team said. Doug Bishop of Adventures With Purpose said the discovery, about 300 yards from the campground, was made with the help of sonar imaging technology.

The police report said Rodni was driving a 2013 Honda CR-V. As soon as the vehicle was pulled from the lake on Sunday night, it was covered with sheets or tarps.

Rodni and the vehicle disappeared around 12:30 a.m. on Aug. 6 at the Prosser Family Campground near the lake. The authorities had focused on a possible abduction and noted multiple times that young people attended the celebration.

Kiely Rodni's body was found near her last location
Kiely Rodni’s body was found near her last location

In the past two weeks, Rodni has been searched by air for an 80-mile radius, a dive team from the Placer County Sheriff’s Office searched the lake Thursday and a compliance sweep took place on Thursday of locals convicted of sex-related offenses, such as indecent exposure at public urination in California.

After joining the search on Friday, Adventures With Purpose reported its discovery.

According to local authorities, Rodni was last seen at an outdoor party north of Truckee, California, on Aug. 6.

Camping is located on a finger of land with lake shores in almost every direction.

According to Rodni’s family, they sought time away from the spotlight.

We find ourselves needing a private and quiet space to begin healing and secure our footing before stepping into tomorrow as we remind each other to breathe deeply and focus on self-care.

“We will celebrate together when you come home and make our harmony perfect again. We love you Kiely forever and ever.”