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killed by DC police: A DC police officer shoots and kills a man who pointed a gun at the wharf while pointing a gun at it

The West Wharf in Washington, D.C., was the scene of police shooting and killing a man who was looking at a gun on the pier outside a restaurant after police said the man was pointing the weapon at them.

It has been reported that a man described as a “witness” who seems to have been with the person who was fatally shot also sustained a graze wound after the shooting, which was confirmed by the police.

On the evening of the shooting, two off-duty police officers were enjoying the evening in the area when they spotted an individual in an armed position which led them to open fire, according to Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee. His immediate reaction was that it was unclear what the person was pointing at with the gun or to whom he was pointing it.

There was an incident that occurred shortly after 9:15 p.m. during which the victim was shot several times and taken to a hospital for treatment of life-threatening injuries after he was shot on the 800 block of Wharf Street SW, the Washington police department reported.

An individual pointing a gun at the wharf is shot and killed by DC police

During the investigation, Contee discovered a semi-automatic weapon that was recovered from the scene.

We are lucky that there have not been any injuries to innocent residents or visitors to this area, ” he continued.

As part of its investigation into the shooting, News4 is trying to gain a better understanding of its circumstances.

At the scene, police said a semi-automatic handgun had been recovered along with a number of other items. There was also another man who suffered a bullet graze injury, as described by Contee.

Currently, he is being treated in a hospital as a witness and he is being treated as a patient.

According to police, it is unclear whether the deceased was accompanied by the witness at the time of the incident.

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