As Charles Kelley Works On Sobriety, Lady A Makes "Important Decision" To Delay Tour

As Charles Kelley Works On Sobriety, Lady A Makes “Important Decision” To Delay Tour

There has been a postponement of Lady A’s Request Line Tour due to the fact that guitarist and vocalist Charles Kelley is pursuing sobriety, the band announced on social media today.

The tour, which was set to commence on Aug. 13 and includes stops throughout the South and East Coasts, has been postponed until next year.

It was a hard but important decision to make because our greatest joy comes from going on tour with our fans,” wrote Lady A, which consists of Kelly, Hillary Scott, who plays lead vocals, and Dave Haywood, who plays guitar, piano, and mandolin.

“We are proud to say that Charles has embarked on a journey to sobriety.” In order to be “the healthiest, strongest and most creative band that we can be,” Lady A stated in a statement, “we will work together with our families and professionals to walk through this together to ensure that we are the strongest, healthiest and most creative band we can be.”

As a result of the band’s move, social media users were disappointed but were supportive of the decision on the whole.

It is important to have a strong support system for sobriety. Charles’ journey will inspire others as well. I wish him the best of luck in his journey.” commented one commenter. In a tweet, fellow country band Old Dominion said, “Love to you all.”.

As Charles Kelley Works On Sobriety, Lady A Makes “Important Decision” To Delay Tour

As a result of the racial-justice movement in 2020, Lady A, previously known as Lady Antebellum, changed their name to Lady A in response to the racial-justice movement, as the term “antebellum” is racially charged and refers to the often-idealized pre-Civil War South.

In the process of renaming the company, a legal dispute arose with Anita White, a blues singer who has performed under the name Lady A for over 20 years. A settlement was reached out of court in February, which brought an end to the litigation.

There was no public release of the details of the settlement, so it is unclear whether both the band and the singer are able to use the name in the future, or if any monetary payouts have taken place.

Lady A has continued to be used by both the group and the solo artist on their social media profiles.

In response to the postponement of Lady A’s tour, the group thanked their fans for their patience as Kelley begins his road to sobriety.

We are looking forward to making 2023 our best year yet,” the band wrote in a statement.