BJP national president JP Nadda on Friday said that as per a plan drawn by PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in 2014, BJP has built 230 out of the 512 planned party offices in the entire country with 69 out of the targeted 72 offices in UP having been opened. 150 offices across the country are under construction, Nadda said in Gorakhpur after he inaugurated a sophisticated regional office of the party in the district.

At the same time, with the office having an ‘e-library’ facility, along with conference and video conference rooms, Nadda urged party workers “to make use of the library for study and research”. His direction to workers follow suspension of a BJP leader Nupur Sharma over her remarks against Prophet Mohammad, which prompted a backlash from more than a dozen Islamic countries, leading to her suspension by the party. Nadda said, “you do not just have the responsibility of occupying the seat of power, but also to take the country to newer heights, for which it is important that you are engaged in constant research.”

In what points at the party’s growing organisational penetration in the country, Nadda said, in 2014, PM Narendra Modi had expressed desire to have a party office in every state and district following which Amit Shah had drawn out a plan to construct 512 offices in the country. While 230 have been opened, 150 are under construction. “For us, the party karyalaya is a live centre of the party’s culture,” he said.

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