Murray Head, 76, Is Hospitalized In France

After Crashing Into A Truck While Driving Home From An Interview About The Queen’s Death, Murray Head, 76, Is Hospitalized In France

  • Murray Head was driving in southern France around 3 pm on Monday when he crashed
  • The singer and actor lost control of his car on a bend and ended up in the oncoming lane
  • After being hit by a mixer truck, he was taken to a hospital in Pau

It has been reported that Murray Head, the singer best known for his hit song One Night in Bangkok, has been taken to the hospital after his car collided with a truck in France.

Around 3 pm Monday, Head, 76, was driving near the city of Pau, in the southern Pyrenees region, when he was involved in an accident near the home he had lived for the past two years in Sauceda.

When the singer, who has also appeared in films such as Sunday Bloody Sunday and the TV show Vera, lost control of his 4×4 while giving an interview about the Queen’s death, he was giving an interview about the Queen’s death.

The driver spun on a bend and slammed into a mixer truck coming the other way, according to French media reports.

When rescuers arrived, he was still conscious and rushed to a local hospital, and the truck driver was unharmed in the process.

Fortunately, he was able to survive the accident with only minor injuries and was able to give an interview from the hospital bed where he was lying.

As he told La Republique de Pyrenees, he had been traveling in a north-south direction for some time before he found himself in the opposite direction.

Is it true that I was dazzled by the sun? As far as I know, I don’t know. There is a lot of pain in my muscles because I haven’t drunk anything. There is a lot of pain in it. As luck would have it, I was extremely lucky.

After he gave an interview to local media about the death of the Queen, he was returning home when he was involved in an accident.

It has been reported that the Prime Minister met the Queen in Paris in 2004 and shook her hand, which is against royal protocol, according to France Bleu.

As he recalled yesterday, he said that he had done what should not have been done, and that was to shake her hand.

When the singer heard of the death while on stage in Talence, he revealed that he was overcome with emotion as he had just heard the news.

The man said: “I had tears in my eyes, tears for my country, tears for my people.”.

A number of popular TV shows have starred the actor, including Doctors, Holby City, Heartbeat, and Judge John Deed to name a few.

His 1975 song Say It Ain’t So, which became a huge hit in the country in 1975, remains one of his most popular songs in France to this day.

Previously, Head said of his fame in France that “the thing about the French is that they are very, very faithful to their principles.”. As a result, if they like you, they will stick with you.

There is a saying in the UK that says, ‘Everyone is chased out by the next media sensation’.

It has been reported that the star, who married Lindy Ross on Valentine’s Day in 2014, has two daughters named Katherine and Sophie, who occasionally sing with her father when they are together.

Known for his role as Rupert Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anthony Head’s younger brother is also an actor and singer.