According To Sarah Wayne Callies, Frank Darabont's Firing Is "An Assassination."

According To Sarah Wayne Callies, Frank Darabont’s Firing Is “An Assassination.”

In spite of the fact that AMC continues to expand the Walking Dead universe, which started under the showrunner Frank Darabont, many of the present’s stars are nonetheless not able to accept Darabont’s firing.

The hit zombie series was developed by Darabont in 2010, but he was fired from AMC in 2011 because of budgetary disagreements with the network.

It has been reported that Sarah Wayne Callies, who played Lori Grimes on The Walking Dead for the first three seasons, has expressed her disapproval of how the community handled Darabont’s departure from the show.

According To Sarah Wayne Callies, Frank Darabont’s Firing Is “An Assassination.”

As Callies pointed out in an appearance on Jon Bernthal’s Real One’s podcast, the network’s determination to half ways with the previous showrunner has been criticized. According to her, the explanations that the community gave for firing Darabont didn’t seem to match her experience of working with him when she worked with him in the past.

Sarah Wayne Callies Calls Frank Darabont's Firing "An Assassination"

“To me, it simply felt like an assassination,” Callies said in response to a question. Among the reasons for his failure had been his lack of experience as a showrunner, his lack of preparation, and his lack of knowledge about what he was doing as a showrunner. However, this motherfucker, one month before we started recording Season 2, dropped six completed scripts in my lap and said, “You can read these lines if you want.” They were not going to change them. The scripts were excellent.

Also, Callies believes that Darabont’s artistic understanding of the present day would have far surpassed the imagination and prescient of any of the writers who changed him in the past.

As she stated, this is perhaps a controversial thing to say… you simply can’t beat the quality of his writing. There is no way you can do that.

Since then, there have been some really nice individuals who have written on that present, and I have developed a great deal of respect and love for them as a result.

Frank Darabont is one of the best writers in the world. I think that is a whole different level altogether.”