Season 10 Of Chicago PD: Who's Leaving, Who's Staying, And Who May Get Into Legal Trouble

Season 10 Of Chicago PD: Who’s Leaving, Who’s Staying, And Who May Get Into Legal Trouble

Season 10 Of Chicago PD: Who’s Leaving, Who’s Staying, And Who May Get Into Legal Trouble

It is possible that the latest revelations about the intelligence unit may leave several members of the team in a state of disbelief.

A potential game-changer arose at the end of this season’s season for Chicago PD as Hailey Upton and Jay Halstead shot and killed Hank Voight’s undercover informant, Anna Avalos after she shot at the sergeant in a tense moment of fear and uncertainty.

After Anna’s death, Carmela Zumbado’s run on the NYPD is over, and the shocking turn of events left Voight in a state of shock, as he had sworn to protect the woman and her son as they attempted to bring down the villain, Escano.

Voight’s usual response would have been to shake it off and return to business as usual, but the hardened sarge had clearly formed an attachment to Anna – and he had a strong desire to protect her at all costs.

Season 10 Of Chicago PD: Who’s Leaving, Who’s Staying, And Who May Get Into Legal Trouble

The fact that Anna stabbed Escano to death prior to the shooting was covered up by Voight, and he seemed personally invested in keeping her safe and following through on his promises to do so.

Could her death send him into a downward spiral due to her death? There is a possibility, as it may be the straw that broke the camel’s back for the sergeant, who has been steadfast throughout a number of tragedies and challenges that would have easily killed a weaker individual.

Royce Hawkins, who plays Kevin Atwater, summed it all up in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying, “We’re watching a guy that has had to bury his son, has had to bury his best friend, has had to bury his wife.

It’s been a challenging time for him.” With this Anna situation, we’re seeing the culmination of a lot of these moments that have occurred throughout his life.”

His unorthodox way of handling matters has inspired great loyalty from his team… and at times has alienated them due to his strange way of handling matters.

At one point, Halstead became so disillusioned with his shady tactics that he almost left the intelligence service because of them.

Can we expect repercussions within the ranks of the military as a result of this latest case “gone wrong”?

As our sister publication, Variety, has reported, it cannot be ruled out that Jesse Lee Soffer will be leaving Chicago PD as Halstead this fall, as they have announced he will be leaving the department.

Is he finally going to decide that he’s had enough of Voight’s rogue approach to police work and move on from it?

Due to the dangers associated with Halstead’s line of work, it is highly likely that Halstead will meet a tragic end instead.

Whatever the outcome is, there will be a lot of fallout not only within the ranks of the unit and for his brother Will over on Chicago Med, but also for his teammate and wife, Upton, who will be deeply affected by this.

It is possible, however, that someone else will fill his shoes as a result of his departure, and that would be the newest member of the intelligence unit, Dante Torres, whose mettle and loyalty was tested by Halstead at Voight’s request.

The fact that he has proven himself, and that he has an insider’s understanding of what goes on in gangs, it’s a no-brainer that he would be able to take on a more significant role on the team.

According to our sister publication, Deadline, Benjamin Levy Aguilar has been promoted to a series regular for season 10 of the show and he’s been popping up in production photos from the set.

The spoilers for the likes of Ruzek, Burgess, and Atwater are not concrete, but Hawkins may have given a hint about the role his character will play in the wake of Voight’s devastation over Anna’s death when he said, “I am watching a mental and spiritual breakdown that I am going to have to support.”

There was a casting call for extras for a courtroom scene that showed Patrick Flueger (Ruzek) dressed in court-appropriate clothing that sparked speculation online that his character might take action to defend his legal rights as far as Mikayla is concerned, but as a detective, it is possible that Ruzek will have to appear in court for any number of reasons.

We can only wait for more hints about what’s ahead for Chicago PD and a release date for the season 10 premiere to be announced, but while we wait, let’s join the cast for a little “who wore it better” action in the video below. Cool shades!

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