Season 5 Of Stranger Things Will Reveal The Origins Of The Upside Down

It Has Been Announced That Stranger Things Season 5 Will Reveal The Origins Of The Upside Down

It has been a couple of months since Stranger Things season 4 exploded onto our screens, but ever since the movie-length conclusion of the season, fans have been neck-deep in speculations and theories about what season 5 will bring them.

The show has been confirmed that the fifth season will be the show’s last, so every single season of the show has been building up to this moment for the past few years. We learned a little more about the mysterious world of Upside Down with every new season that passed. Especially in season 4, where we discovered how Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) has been wreaking havoc on Hawkins for a very long time.

The Duffer Brothers, however, maintain that we still haven’t figured out all there is to know about Vecna and the Upside Down and that the final season will finally reveal the origins of this unsettling dimension.

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“We’re hinting at the final reveal in this season, but the big reveal is going to be in season five, and we’re excited about that,” Ross Duffer told IndieWire.

According to Matt Duffer, “(We have been) revealing more and more about the Upside Down, the origins of the Upside Down.”

There were some fans who may recall that in season 4, we found out that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) had managed to defeat Vecna in the past and had banished him to the Upside Down as a result. After that moment, he had been using the place as his lair and causing a great deal of trouble at Hawkins ever since.

In addition, the showrunners discussed how the story came to this point in the first place.

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Basically, all these things were just goalposts. It’s not like there was some kind of Vecna, but it’s going to be about Number One,” said Ross.

As he explained, it wasn’t until we got to the end of [season 4] that we were able to figure out all the details, as we knew that we wanted this entity to control everything,” he said.

The stage is set for the kids and adults of Hawkins to have one final chance to save their beloved town before it is completely destroyed by the forces of nature. In order to be able to see it for ourselves, all we have to do is wait until we are able to see it for ourselves.

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