The 2022 British Open leaderboard: Tiger Woods' score in Round 1, golf scores today at St. Andrews Open Championship

The 2022 British Open leaderboard: Tiger Woods’ score in Round 1, golf scores today at St. Andrews Open Championship

The 150th Open Championship starts at St. Andrews this weekend, and here are some highlights from the first round

In search of his fourth British Open title, Tiger Woods took the tee off Thursday at the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews.

In this match, he will be playing alongside Max Homa as well as Matt Fitzpatrick.

In February 2021, after an accident in which he suffered an injury to his right leg after he was in a single-car crash, the 46-year-old 15-time major champion underwent extensive surgery on his legs.

Earlier this year, after a lengthy layoff, he made his triumphant return to golf by finishing 13-over par at the Masters after a lengthy layoff.

As a result of his career-worst round at the PGA Championship at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Woods has withdrawn from the event following a round of 9-over-par 79, which is his worst round at the event so far.

In spite of the fact that Woods made the cut at the tournament, he had to withdraw due to injuries.

The 2022 British Open leaderboard: Tiger Woods’ score in Round 1, golf scores today at St. Andrews Open Championship

Hole 1
After hitting the tee shot, Tiger lands it on the left side of the fairway. After hitting his next shot in a divot, he went on to have a double bogey.

Hole 2
Upon teeing off, Tiger launches a decent tee shot followed by several shots that could potentially lead to a birdie attempt. It was a par hole for him.

Tiger after 2: 2-over

Hole 3
The tee shot by Tiger sailed left of the fairway. With his birdie shot pushed 5 feet past the hole, he continues to struggle with his putting. A bogey is the best he can do.

Tiger after 3: 3-over

Hole 4
The par four begins with Tiger using the driver. Once the ball hits the rough, it makes its way back onto the fairway. He leaves the ball short and settles for another bogey despite being 10 feet from the hole. At 1-over, he finishes the hole with his playing partners.

Tiger after 4: 4-over

Hole 5
Tiger hits the fairway on the manageable par 5. Despite being close to the pin, he fails to make his birdie putt. As a result, he settles for par instead of cutting down on the leaders.

Tiger after 5: 4-over

Hole 6
It was Tiger’s turn to hit the fairway again. He makes a long putt for par from the edge of the green using a wedge. In the end, he saves the hole by making it. All members of the playing group have yet to make a birdie this round, and they are all looking very high on the leaderboard.

Tiger after 6: 4-over

Hole 7
Tiger’s hole at 7 started with fans yelling, so he immediately went into the bunker on the right. A punch out of the bunker led to him finding the fairway, but a pass from about 7 feet left him with a bogey chip shot. Now he’s in deep trouble because he missed the mark.

Tiger after 7: 6-over

Hole 8
Despite Tiger’s 200-yard tee shot, he has a good chance to make birdie on the eighth hole. His putt from 2 feet misses short, but he gets a par.

Tiger after 8: 6-over

Hole 9
Starting the par-4 ninth hole, Tiger hits a good drive that lands just a few feet from the green. Thus far on this first day, the broadcasters have rated this hole as the second easiest. He’s right on the money with his second shot, leaving him less than 10 feet from the hole with an excellent chance at birdie. The group starts the round with a birdie from Homa, followed by Tiger. A big smile spreads across his face as he leaves.

Tiger after 9: 5-over

Hole 10
He starts off his back nine with an excellent birdie attempt at 10, hitting the fairway on his first shot, and hitting the hole on his second shot, leaving him only a few feet from the hole. Woods’ birdies are back-to-back.

Tiger after 10: 4-over

Hole 11
On this par 3, Tiger hits the tee shot on a point and leaves it about 40 feet from the cup. As he settled for another bogey, any momentum he had quickly vanished.

Tiger after 11: 5-over

Hole 12
This par 4 requires a good shot from Tiger off the tee to have a positive outcome. He lands in some thick grass, but still has a good chance to have a positive result. Despite the distance from the hole, he does a good job with his second shot. Tiger misses his birdie shot and settles for par, showing his poor short game.

Tiger after 12: 5-over

Hole 13
As usual, Tiger struck a low-flying stinger with his driving iron, which carved a path down the fairway before rolling into the rough. It’s going to be a challenge: Tiger has an uphill lie in the rough with a hard-breaking green. He faces a blind shot to the green. There’s nothing to worry about, right? From there, it just kept going from there as he tossed it high into the air. There are plenty of opportunities for a birdie from there. It’s a good one, but he ended up leaving it way short. Isn’t quite fast enough to make these long putts. He made his second bogey in three holes after missing the par save.

Tiger after 13: 6-over

Hole 14
After hitting his longest tee shot of the day, Tiger bounced back nicely with a 413-yard tee shot. His shot showed that he is not concerned about power, but rather finishing. After chipping it onto the green, Tiger had 188 yards left to putt. The third birdie of the day came on No. 14, where he sank a nice putt.

Tiger after 14: 5-over

Hole 15
With a tee shot down the fairway, Tiger set himself up nicely for the par-4. With another crisp club stroke, he found himself on the green with an opportunity to make another birdie. However, he managed to get a par by barely overshooting his putt.

Tiger after 15: 5-over

Hole 16
In an attempt to lay back a bit, Tiger grabs iron here and loses the shot to the rough. This is a tough one. My apologies! In order to gain a good angle of attack, Tiger deliberately played this down the third fairway.

The rough proved too much for him to control, and he missed the green long, leaving a difficult pitch-and-putt.

Once again, he grabs the long iron and puts it up on the green around 8-10 feet away, but fails to par.

Tiger after 16: 6-over

Hole 17
The ball rolled into the rough on the left after Tiger’s decent shot down the fairway. His next shot was aimed right with a club, and the green was within reach. After missing a birdie opportunity, he sank a par putt.

Tiger after 17: 6-over

Hole 18
Before the ball rolled back down, Tiger drove up the fairway and almost made it to the green. There wasn’t enough speed behind an eagle putt, too much power behind a birdie shot. The crowd erupted in cheers after his par.

Tiger after 18: 6-over