The Usd 259 School Board Approves A Public Vote On Board Elections

The Usd 259 School Board Approves A Public Vote On Board Elections

It is soon going to be your turn to decide how the members of the Wichita school board will be elected. As a result, the USD 259 school board voted in favor of placing the question on the November ballot.

It was a close call to get this subject up for a public vote. There will be a public vote on the issue following a vote of 4-3.

There were some people who wanted to see a change. Some people wanted the old system to stay in effect, which was that anyone who wanted to vote for any candidate for the school board in the general election could do so. It goes without saying that Monday night’s meeting got a little heated at the end.

The c School Board Approves A Public Vote On Board Elections

“The motion is carried 4-3,” said Stan Reeser, the president of the USD 259 school board.

As a result, the motion is carried. The voters can decide whether or not they want to change from district-based voting to district-based voting, but it has at times been controversial.

As a result, it is a political issue. Kathy Bond, a member of the USD 259 school board, praised the sound of the gavel.

“So you ask me a question. I would like you to answer the question, and then we will give the other members of the board a chance to speak. Again, I would like to remind the crowd not to interrupt each other during the speech,” said Reeser.

Before putting the idea to a vote in November, some board members wanted to pause the idea before putting it up for a public vote in December.

The USD 259  School Board Approves A Public Vote On Board Elections

According to Bond, “no one but district one has been given a fair chance to participate and the other districts are feeling quite left out,” he said.

A member of the audience was escorted out of the room at one point for talking out of turn during the speech.

As a result, it passed in the end. Is said that it is the right thing to do by some people.

It would be great if you would just give us a chance to put it on the ballot. A supporter of the public vote, Lavonia Williams, said that there was no hidden agenda to the campaign.

According to some, the current system of voting disenfranchises some people from poorer neighborhoods and they say that Monday night’s vote will be a step forward that would allow voters to decide whether to opt for district-only voting or not.

As far as the election of board members is concerned, it will now be up to you to decide how it should be done in November.