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Those with negative mindset shown the door during elections: Adityanath

By Mahesh Limbani May 22, 2022

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Saturday said that those who portrayed a negative mindset in the state Assembly in the last session were shown the door by the people in the 2022 elections, while those with positive energy were elected again.

Addressing the newly elected members of the state Assembly during a special programme ‘Prabodhan’, Adityanath thanked Governor Anandiben Patel, Speaker Satish Mahana, deputy chief ministers Keshav Prasad Maurya and Brajesh Pathak, state ministers, and other MLAs and officials. He appealed to the House members to work towards making Vidhan Sabha proceedings technology-driven.

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“The more simple a life people’s representatives lead, the more their communication with the people improves. The more honestly they try to solve people’s issues, the more they will live up to people’s expectations. Negativity can never let a public representative move forward. Even in this election, I saw there was a member who used to protest and demonstrate and cause (traffic) jams. When the results were declared, I found that the person stood fourth in their constituency. You can see how aware people are…There is competition to be a part of the proceedings. But remember one thing, if your statements are negative, people see them as negative and will have a negative perception of you. If your statements and demeanour are positive and in favour of the country and people, then the public will see you as that,” said the chief minister.

“Those who did drama in the House have all fallen down one by one. I have seen this in Parliament and Vidhan Sabha too. People have given them chutti. But those who spread positivity were received well by the people. If the truth of Uttar Pradesh’s politics is casteism, then how come Suresh Khanna become an MLA for the ninth time. There aren’t even 1,000 voters from his caste in Shahjahanpur. The same stands for Speaker (Satish Mahana) who has become an MLA for the eighth time. One has to prepare themselves for people’s expectations and take people’s issues forward to be elected,” the CM added.

While addressing MLAs from Opposition parties, he said that they “should not let politics come in the way of development”. “Your intentions and ours are the same – that people benefit. If you go among people and work for their development, then the credit for that will go to you and not the BJP. Because it is your constituency,” the CM said.

He said that there a practice of electing an “adarsh vidhayak” (ideal MLA) should be started by the government where the best performing MLAs would be recognised and honoured.

Talking about his government’s crackdown on unauthorised use of loudspeakers in the state, the chief minister said, “Today, when we go somewhere why do people look at us with respect? If I also did what others do, people would have abused me on the road. I appealed that no religious programme should be held on the road. The namaz for Alvida didn’t happen. It happened in three shifts in mosques. It was worth praising. The government didn’t discriminate. Like in the case of removing loudspeakers. We appealed and everyone contributed. I held video conferencing sessions with my deputies and appealed that mics be removed from places should be donated to schools. People know that the action was not one-sided,” said the CM.

Speaking at the programme, Governor Anandiben Patel congratulated the 128 first-time MLAs, and the 47 women legislators in the state.
“I would like to first say that all MLAs must think about what they have to do and how they have do it. You would want all things like schools, roads and water to be there in all houses in your constituencies. If you have thought so too, you will be disappointed…Don’t make promises like you will make water available in every house in five years. If you can’t do it, it will affect your image and the minister’s. And if the image of both is affected, the government’s image will be affected too. The government has a budget and so do all departments and accordingly, work is done. The priority is to make things reach where there is nothing. If a village has no road, while there is another with five and you are demanding a sixth… The priority of the government and minister will be the village where there is no road,” said Patel.

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