Tom Brady Is Expected To Play In The Buccaneers' Preseason Finale On Saturday

During the Buccaneers’ preseason finale on Saturday, Tom Brady is expected to play in the game

Tom Brady, the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is expected to play in Saturday’s third and final preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts, according to reports.

The coach, Todd Bowles, didn’t say it outright, but when asked on Thursday if Brady would play, the coach responded, “Everyone who is healthy will play.”.

Having returned to practice this week after an 11-day absence due to “personal issues,” Brady is in good health and was able to complete a full practice on Thursday, as well as Monday and Tuesday, on top of having a veteran day on Wednesday.

In addition to taking his usual number of reps, he looked strong and focused during the workout.

A live game at the beginning of the preseason will be the first time Brady has played, the first time he has lined up with wide receiver Julio Jones, and the first time Brady has stood behind a redesigned interior offensive line starring a second-year center named Robert Hainsey and a rookie left guard named Luke Goedeke.

Seeing Brady with the starters is important for game continuity, Bowles said about Brady playing with the starters.

I think we have some new players on the offensive line and some new players at the receiver position.

So other than having practiced together, we need to see ’em in a game with some situations and just the flow of it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, we just need to see it as soon as possible.”

According to Bowles, he is not concerned about Brady’s level of conditioning after such a prolonged absence, nor is he concerned that Brady did not have enough time to build chemistry with Jones, wide receiver Russell Gage, or tight end Kyle Rudolph after such a lengthy absence.

It was true that he missed 11 days, but he wasn’t playing in either of the first two games,” Bowles explained. “He’s fine with everything.

We know his condition and it’s fine. He’s getting back with the guys. He’s throwing the ball and we’re good. I think it had been built up before we left.

I think it’s just having everybody intact at the same time, and allowing them to practice at the same time.

Tom Brady Is Expected To Play In The Buccaneers’ Preseason Finale On Saturday

His days would have fallen on the same day Julio was off and Mike Evans was injured, so we weren’t able to put together a full slate there either, but they got to see a lot of things from the sidelines and were able to communicate quite well.

I think the chemistry between the two of them is good, as well.”

Despite Bowles not being certain who will start at left guard, Bowles said Goedeke, who is competing with Nick Leverett for the job, will start the game.

Goedeke struggled last week against the Tennessee Titans, which resulted in two holding calls and a sack.

The fifth, sixth, and possibly seventh — if the Bucs choose to keep seven — wide receiver positions after Evans, Jones, Chris Godwin, and Russell Gage are also up for grabs.

With Tyler Johnson, Jaelon Darden, Scotty Miller, Breshad Perriman, Deven Thompkins, and Jerreth Sterns all competing for those remaining positions, Tyler Johnson is the best candidate.

It is worth noting that Bowles has said he would not have given Brady the break if it had not been absolutely necessary, even though Brady’s mid-training break was unprecedented in the NFL for an uninjured player, let alone a seven-time Super Bowl MVP.

If it hadn’t been a situation if we hadn’t talked about it, and if it hadn’t been important, then I wouldn’t have done it,” Bowles added. “I have that type of relationship as well as the coaches with a lot of the players and they all have private things that they share with us.

I just think that it came to the foreground more than the others. And we won’t veer away from that. We don’t give everybody breaks just to take

From the time he was drafted in 2000 until now, Brady has participated in at least one preseason game every year when he is healthy.

It was only in 2008 when he was a member of the New England Patriots and was dealing with foot and ankle injuries that he wasn’t able to take part in the preseason.

Godwin, who has been practicing with the team for three weeks and began 11-on-11 work for the first time after suffering a torn ACL in Week 15, is not expected to play this week, despite the coaching staff being encouraged by his progress.