India vs England: Virat Kohli says, "Keep your mouth shut" when he clashes with Jonny Bairstow

India vs England: Virat Kohli says, “Keep your mouth shut” when he clashes with Jonny Bairstow

There was a clash between Virat Kohli and English batsman Jonny Bairstow on the field. The two got into an argument that lasted for quite some time. His mouth was shut in gestures when Kohli told him to do so.

India vs England: Virat Kohli says, “Keep your mouth shut” when he clashes with Jonny Bairstow

Currently, India and England are playing the fifth test at Edgbaston. As the third day of the match progressed on Sunday (July 3), Virat Kohli played in the match.

As the game progressed, he was involved in a conflict with English batsman Jonny Bairstow.

There was a huge argument between the two. The Indian captain asked him in gestures to keep his mouth shut. In response to Virat’s aggressive style, Bairstow looked annoyed.

A 32nd over incident occurred. The bowler was Mohammed Shami. On Shami’s balls, Bairstow was in trouble.

In the slips, Kohli stood. His next step was to start sledding. Kohli was also supported by Shubman Gill. It is only the ball on the field that Jonny Bairstow is unable to see, Virat said.

As a result of Kohli’s behavior, Bairstow was furious. As soon as he told Virat not to speak, the situation escalated.

It was Kohli who reached him. The two argued. By this time, the umpire had reached the scene and pacified the situation.

Keeping his mouth finger, Kohli signaled Bairstow to keep his mouth shut as he walked towards the slip.

Kohli also named Tim Southee as a teaser for Bairstow. The 14th over of the innings was bowled by Mohammed Shami.

The ball played by Shami was not played well by Bairstow. In response to this question, Virat said – isn’t it a little faster than Saudi?

Despite Bumrah’s leadership, Kohli is the dominant player on the field for Team India. Several times during the fielding, Bumrah encountered difficulties.

Whenever Kohli encountered such a situation, he would help him out. Bumrah himself was seen several times discussing with Kohli.

Kohli was seen giving advice during the bowling change and fielding set-up. Additionally, he explained the situation to Team Hurdle players.

In August-September of 2021, Team India was playing a five-match test series in England when the fifth match could not be held due to viruses. India leads 2-1 in the series.