Gwen Stefani's Vogue cover is adorned with a cropped corset and chains

As the cover star of Vogue Czechoslovakia, Gwen Stefani made sure all eyes were on her.

With a pink cropped corset, fishnets, and a plethora of heavy gold chain jewelry, No Doubt's singer dazzled.

She peeked out from behind her platinum blonde hair that she wore in a short, sleek bob.

The publication and Gwen both shared the cover on Instagram, revealing the chunky necklace was Versace.

Singer, lyricist, rapper, designer and actress GwenStefani talks about change, adaptation, truth and self-expression in an exclusive interview with VogueCS. 

She was praised by fans: "Such a beauty," and "Omgg, I want this edition," while another added: "Absolutely stunning."

Following her appearance on Late Night With Seth Myers, Gwen appeared on the cover of her magazine.

Sweet Escape singer Gwen spoke to the TV host about her role as a coach on The Voice US, but her fans were distracted by her age-defying looks.

It's hard for everyone to age and face life. Especially for women and those in the spotlight. It can be daunting, but you approach it by just being the best you can inside and out."

After speaking with Luisa via Roma's magazine about the power of makeup, the singer made her latest appearance.

It is possible to change who you are, make yourself feel better, or make others feel better with makeup. Makeup is the perfect playground for this."

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