The Mets faced the San Diego Padres on Sunday Night Baseball, where Daniel  Vogelbach made his debut. 

Daniel Vogelbach had a solid debut, picking up one hit, one walk, and, most importantly, one run scored.

That was one majestic run from the big beefy boy (Daniel Vogelbach stands 6 feet tall and weighs 270 pounds)

On the two-minute drill, Chris Berman's commentary on the big fella's highlights on an NFL field would be perfect.

The Sunday night quake felt like an earthquake on the east coast when Daniel Vogelbach rounded third and headed for home. 

We can expect to see a lot more highlights like these now that Daniel Vogelbach is on a contender and one that just happens to be based in New York.

We outsiders (those who aren't closely following the Pittsburgh Pirates) have been missing out on this absolute unit.

The next game Daniel Vogelbach and his new team will play is the Subway Series against the Yankees, who lead the American League. There's no pressure on you, big dog.

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