British actor John Boyega on dating: "I like my women Black"

British actor John Boyega on dating: "I like my women Black"

John Boyega joined "The Breakfast Club" to discuss his upcoming projects. 

The 30-year-old also discussed his dating preferences while promoting new films like The Woman King and Breaking.

The four then discussed dating. Charlamagne tha God mentioned that he has been married for 24 years during the conversation. 

Boyega asked if the radio host's wife was Black. The Brit was assured by Charlamagne that he was indeed married to a Black woman.

According to the two, some Black men appear to be pro-Black, but then date outside their race.

When Yee asked Boyega if he had ever dated a white woman, he replied "only once."

When Charlamagne asked Boyega if he could bring a Storm Trooper home, Boyega replied, "That's just my preference." "I prefer black women."

As Boyega put it, "It's not a political statement or anything like that, it's just, they're fine as hell, don't you think?"

The level of melanin needs to be at least 75 percent. It's got to be thick.

It's all about style. We have to laugh at the same jokes. It's time to bump to the same music. There's just gotta be a flow."

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