Cristiano Ronaldo scores 699th goal in Sheriff's win over Manchester United

Ronaldo scored his first Europa League goal from the penalty spot.

Cristiano, Adama Traore and match winner Sebastien Thill were not among the starters from the 2-1 Champions League win over Real Madrid at Stadionul Zimbru.

Ronaldo did little to suggest that Ten Hag should overhaul the plan that is increasingly moving beyond him. 

It was common for the 37-year-old veteran to go deeper and deeper in search of the ball, registering more touches in Dalot's area of the pitch than as a center forward.

Ronaldo scored United's second goal from the penalty spot, effectively ending the game.

The Manchester derby looms large in United's next game, since he now has 699 club goals.

This is a man whose narrative abilities remain undimmed even though his footballing abilities may have waned. At the Etihad Stadium next month, who would bet against him?

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