Deepika shared a few pictures where she did different yoga asanas

The entertainer inscribed her post, "Some Yoga Flex."

Dressed in a naked pink sleeveless unitard and hair tied in a smooth bun, Deepika rehearsed the asanas.

The post shows her doing the Eagle Pose or Garudasana, Ustrasana or Camel Pose, Flip The Dog Pose, 

Assuming that you felt persuaded subsequent to taking a gander at Deepika's photos to launch your yoga process.

Bird Pose or Garudasana gives the hips a profound stretch, advances profound breathing, builds concentration and equilibrium, and opens up the shoulders. Profoundly.

Ranveer Singh stated "Dayum."

After Deepika posted the photographs, a large number of her adherents overflowed the remarks segment with acclaims.

Another client remarked, "Yoga objectives." Many dropped heart and fire emojis in the remarks.

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