An entrepreneur, amateur poker player, social media influencer, and entrepreneur in his 40s, he is like a modern-day Hugh Hefner. 

In most of his online images, he is posing with women or with riches. People love him because he is tacky as hell - almost like a self-parody. He has over 32.4 million followers on Instagram alone.

In response to a photo he posted of himself and his partner walking down the aisle in the French Riviera, social media users have speculated wildly about their wedding plans.

Seeing his rig in the Maldives and promoting his weed brand isn't enough for Dan Bilzerian to send the rumour mill into overdrive.

In what way? A picture of him and a partner walking down the aisle at a wedding in the south of France just went viral.

According to the photo caption, "I finally did it," Bilzerian is wearing a suit and bowtie, strolling down the aisle with a woman in a green dress.

The internet is ablaze with conspiracy theories, from the mundane (“you finally wore pants?”) to the absurd (“no way,” “lies,” and “ain't no way bruh”).

Some Instagram users commented "thank god, less competition" and "congratulations on going to a wedding.".

What's my take? While Bilzerian is probably at another wedding, he's taking advantage of his 32.9 million Instagram followers to spectacularly troll them. I guess it's just a part of life.

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