Her experiences working on Good Luck Jerry, completing four years in the industry, and more are discussed by Janhvi Kapoor.

During her career span of four years, Janhvi Kapoor has demonstrated her versatility as an actor with films like Ghost Stories, Gunjan Saxena:

Kargil Girl, and Roohi. Good luck Jerry, Mili, and Bawal, some of his upcoming movies show that he is not interested in getting into the bracket.

She discusses working on Good Luck Jerry, why she doesn't deliberately choose films with strong female characters, and her thoughts on stardom in an exclusive interview with News18.com.

You mentioned learning and unlearning a few things as an actor when you announced Good Luck Jerry's wrap last year. How did you learn the most?

My most visceral experience before Good Luck Jerry was watching Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl.

The experience I had while working on that film was so beautiful and pure, and I felt that this was the only way to approach making a film.

However, Good Luck Jerry's world was wild and chaotic. She is perceived and categorized as a very naive and innocent girl, but she is so much more.

Getting what you want doesn't follow a set pattern. As a result, I realized that I had to believe in myself and take risks.

Until the audience gives their feedback, I don't know how the movie turned out, but I definitely learned a lot as a performer in this film.

Farmers' agitation in Punjab stalled the filming on a couple of occasions. What effect do these things have on you as an actor?

As a citizen, there were many bigger things at play. Also, as an actor, I was concerned about the producers' financial situation, since every day costs money.

A non-shooting day costs the daily wage workers their jobs, which was concerning. Therefore, my personal feelings were secondary.

Is the industry a place where you feel at home?

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Currently, I don't feel like I belong much.