Wade ate peaches while vacationing in Spain this week -- and the video shows him biting Gabrielle Union's booty while on all fours!

In celebration of their 8th anniversary, the couple has been posting a lot of content while sailing through Europe... sailing, dancing, and relaxing.

Union and Wade, who dubbed the trip the "Wade World Tour," even took part in some athletics by trying to catch a football in the water.

D-Wade took things to the next level while sharing his Monday activities, including some wild PDA.

Heat legend's fans loved it, leaving tons of positive comments below.

Aaron Paul said, "I'm obsessed with you two," and Jasmine Sanders added, "I love you both!"

There's no word on how long the vacation will last, but they don't appear to be stopping anytime soon.

During a vacation in the Bahamas, Gabrielle Union bit Dwyane Wade's butt while on a vacation there..

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