The Weeknd or Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez is STUMPED by her nana's questions about her relationship with 'that guy'?

The 30-year-old singer shared a TikTok video in which her grandma asked, "What happened with that guy?" Read on to learn how she responded.

The "same old love" may have worn Selena Gomez out, but it seems her nana is still enthralled about her beloved granddaughter's romance!

In a nutshell... Selena Gomez demonstrated the products in her Rare Beauty makeup line on TikTok recently. In an off-camera question, her beloved nana inquired: "So how did you end it with him?"

Selena Gomez was still applying her lip liner when the question was asked, so her gorgeous eyes went wide as she was lost for words.

As she recorded a video for TikTok that would reach millions, Selena replied, "Uhh, I'll tell you in a second." Despite her professional nature, Selena could not help but smile at her nana's humor.

It is interesting to note that the singer in the video caption wittily stated, "Thanks, Nana." Here's Selena Gomez's hilarious TikTok video featuring her cute nana.

It is impossible for anyone to roast you as well as your family! We were in need of another reason to adore Selena Gomez's adorable grandmother!

In response to nana's controversial question about Selena Gomez's love life, Selenators took to social media to try to figure out who "that guy" was.

Aside from the well-publicized, tumultuous relationship between Jelena and Justin Bieber, there's also her ex-boyfriend Justin. Selena's other famous ex-boyfriend The Weeknd is another famous ex-boyfriend.

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