Despite the fact that Limp Bizkit won't kick off their "Still Sucks" tour in the UK and Europe, the tour will still take place.

Frontman Fred Durst has posted a note on the band's verified Instagram account, which makes it easy to find the band online.

Limp Bizkit's 2022 UK and European tour was sadly postponed due to personal health concerns and medical advice given by my personal physician, the note states.

"We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our loyal fans, promoters, and support staff." We will keep you posted. Thank you, Fred & Limp Bizkit

Further details about Durtz's health have not been disclosed. He explained in a video on their website that he had visited his doctor "to make sure I was in good physical condition."

My doctor has sent me a letter saying he does not want me to travel at this time and that I should stay close by to complete some more tests.

During their Money Sucks tour, which celebrated their 20th anniversary, Limp Bizkit played the UK and Europe last year.

It started in April when the tour went to the US.

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