It wasn't enough for Deebo Samuel to jump into the top 10 of wide receivers in 'Madden 23' despite his historic 2022 season. This year, Samuel starts the game with an 88 rating.

Among the players ahead of Samuel, there are some who belong ahead of the 49ers' First-Team All-Pro, but there are also a few who are not better or don't deserve to be ahead of him.

From a wide receiver's perspective, that group might be considered more prototypical than Samuel. However, Samuel was more productive and effective than at least seven of them last year.

Since Samuel's after-the-catch ability and effectiveness as a running back make him an exception to the Madden rating system, he was given an exception.

As long as Samuel replicates his first eight games, he should be able to see his rating climb significantly, especially if he has 49 catches for 882 yards and four touchdowns.

In spite of the fact that he hasn't yet been reflected in his Madden game, Samuel is a very good receiver.

These are the top 10:

Davante Adams, 99 Cooper Kupp, 98 Tyreke Hill, 97 DeAndre Hopkins, 96 Stefon Diggs, 95 Justin Jefferson, 93 Mike Evans, 92 Terry McLaurin, 91 Keenan Allen, 91 Amari Cooper, 90

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Madden 23 doesn't have Deebo Samuel among its top 10 wide receivers