Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted training alone next to Sheffield United during their pre-season training camp in Portugal

Sheffield United, who are also on the Iberian peninsula, spotted Manchester United's ace Cristiano Ronaldo training alone in Lisbon.

In search of Champions League football once again, the 37-year-old is rumored to want to leave the Red Devils this summer. 

Manchester United's pre-season tour under Erik ten Hag did not include Ronaldo as the club is currently in Australia for 'family reasons.'

According to the Daily Mail, blades players were shocked at seeing the lone figure training at Lisbon's equivalent of St James' Park. 

Sheffield did not ask Ronaldo if he wanted to take part in a kickabout, according to the report.

Following a poor return to Manchester last summer, Ronaldo is reportedly looking to leave Old Strafford this summer.

United failed to reach the Champions League under Ralf Rangnick, which is believed to have contributed to his decision to leave. United has asked Ronaldo to let him go if a suitable offer comes in.