Throughout Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic's son Stefan has been practicing with the six-time champion. Like Rafael Nadal's forehand, Stefan's follow-through whips over his head.

It's something he likes to do. On the court, he intimidates me by finishing the swing here. I don't particularly like that. In order to teach him to finish the swing over the shoulder

My goal is to get him to finish the hand here," Djokovic said. When he does that, he always laughs because he knows what he is doing. On the court, we have these kinds of funny moments." 

Even though Djokovic is going for his seventh trophy in The Championships and his 21st major title, he has enjoyed every moment he has shared with Stefan.

Whenever I have the chance to play with him, I take advantage of it due to his current passion for tennis. The things he watches and analyzes, as well as how he plays tennis.

Djokovic said, "We're talking.". At bedtime [Saturday], he asked me questions: What is the difference between racquet head sizes, what strings to use, or why do some people string with less tension.

Right now, he's in love with tennis. He pursued tennis entirely out of his own desire. That's why I'm there for him. He can always play with me on the tennis court if he wants."

When it comes to his son's future career in tennis, the 35-year-old said he would support him in "any way possible." However, he said Stefan is still too young.

It is not good for children to play only one sport at a very young age. Different things will help the brain and motor skills develop, so it's important to try them all."