North Carolina's congressional delegation headed for a shake-up with 5 open seats and party shifts

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Primaries in North Carolina will mark an exceptional change in the state's U.S. House delegation

Dozens of Republicans are competing for five of North Carolina's 14 congressional seats on Super Tuesday

Some turnover can be attributed to redistricting after the Republican-controlled General Assembly approved districts skewing rightward, prompting three Democrats to forgo reelection bids; Republican Reps.

Patrick McHenry and Dan Bishop also declined to seek reelection

The results of past elections indicate the new districts will likely elect at least 10 Republicans; Currently, the state's congressional delegation has seven Republicans and seven Democrats

Democratic Rep. Deborah Ross in the Raleigh-dominated 2nd District faces an opponent while Rep.

Valerie Foushee in the Durham-area 4th District and Rep. Alma Adams in Charlotte's 12th District are unopposed in the primary.

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