The original Orphan claims that Leena was the only survivor of a house fire she started. She became an orphan after the Albright family died. However, the truth is much more complex.

Leena and Tricia's all-out bloody battle that covers every inch of the house caused the fire, not arson.

An oven mitt catches fire after they leave a kitchen burner on. Fire quickly engulfs the entire house, forcing the occupants outside on the roof.

Tricia and Leena are left hanging off the roof in the film's closing moments, hoping Allen will save them.

He's still completely unaware that Leena isn't his real daughter, so when Tricia claims Esther tricked them, he flinches, causing his wife to fall to her death.

At that moment, he realized what Tricia had done and what it meant. Stile says he turns on Esther and saves her instead. It's the ultimate tragedy."

While Allen believes he is saving his daughter when he chooses Esther, he soon realizes that his wife is telling the truth, no matter how crazy she sounded.

Leena's fake teeth pop out when he squeezes her face. She pushes him off the roof after he calls her a monster.

Although she did not intend to become the last girl to survive the house fire, she is the only survivor. Even though it sounded delusional, she believed she could love Allen happily ever after.

We can't consider Leena a hero based on her past and future. However, Stiles doesn't mind if fans believe Tricia is the series' real villain. “The villain is the hero of her own story,” she says.

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