As Gates announced last week he would donate $20 billion of his wealth to Adani's non-profit organization, Adani's position rose by one rank.

The Forbes world's richest list recently ranked Gautam Adani as the fourth richest person on the planet, overtaking Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

As Gates announced last week he would donate $20 billion to his non-profit organization - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Gautam Adani's ranking rose by one.

The Forbes magazine reported that the wealth of Gautam Adani and his family surpassed Gates' $115 billion wealth in a single day.

Adani Group chairman Nirav Modi became the world's fifth richest person earlier this year as well as the richest Asian.

According to Forbes' Real-Time Billionaires List, the Adani family is worth $115.6 billion, which is $11 billion more than Bill Gates, who is worth $104.2 billion.

With a fortune of $123 billion in April, Adani was just $7 billion short of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who at the time was the fourth richest person in the world with a fortune of $130.2 billion

With a fortune of $154.9 billion, Adani is now behind only three other tycoons - Bernard Arnault of $154.9 billion, Jeff Bezos of $143.9 billion, and Elon Musk of $234.4 billion. 

At the moment, Gautam Adani has an estimated net worth of $115.6 billion, making him the richest person in India.

Forbes reports that the Indian tycoon's wealth has more than doubled since early 2021. Forbes first listed him as a billionaire in 2008, when he had a net worth of $9.3 billion.

Adani donated Rs 60,000 crore to charity as part of his 60th birthday celebration. Donations will be used for healthcare, education, and skill development, his logistics-to-energy conglomerate said

In addition to joining the ranks of global billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett, it was the largest corporate charitable donation in Indian history.

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Overtaking Bill Gates as world's fourth richest person is Gautam Adani