Golfer Paige Spiranac is fat shamed over a glamorous Instagram post featuring her in a pink one-piece outfit.

A few months after being named the World's S*exiest Woman by Maxim magazine

the 29-year-old hit back at online trolls after posting footage of herself on a golf course in a pink one-piece.

She demonstrated her trademark sense of humour before telling her followers how difficult it is for her to deal with people.

The former professional golfer slammed men who called her fat after she posted a picture of herself to Instagram with a classy message in which she laughed off their insults.

I know my body is an important part of my brand, but maintaining my ideal weight year after year is hard.

I have to work very hard in the gym and with my diet. I'm not naturally good at it. When people criticize my body insecurities, it can be demoralizing.

Spiranac told her 3.6million followers that she wants to share her fitness and eating plans with them

She said she used to work out in order to 'look good', but now trains in order to 'feel good'.

She wrote, 'I know I have a male-dominated audience and I wanted to hear your experiences with body insecurities.

It's not talked about enough how men are also body shamed. All of us feel pressure to look a certain way.

Spiranac has taken the high road before after being insulted online.

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