In this episode, we get an exclusive scoop from 'Raising Kanan' EP Sascha Penn about the secret of Kanan's real father, as well as a possible path to forgiveness for Marvin, and much more.

With an early season 3 renewal, Power Book III: Raising Kanan returns for its highly-anticipated second season. Season 2 picks up after the shocking events of season 1's finale.

With this game-changing secret hanging over Raq and Kanan's heads, showrunner Sascha Penn spoke exclusively with HollywoodLife about how their relationship will evolve in season 2.

Sascha believes this secret will eventually "erupt" and there will be a reckoning. He also discussed Jukebox's complicated relationship with her mother and Howard's legacy. Below you will find our Q&A

Where does Kanan's relationship with Raq go in season 2 after what's happened with Howard and what Raq expects of Kanan?

The central theme in season 2 is Kanan's doubts about his mother, which is part and parcel of him doubting himself because he has existed his entire life within the context of his mother.

It is really difficult for him to learn that his mother may not be who he thought she was and it really forces him to try to understand who he is as Kanan rather than Raq's son.

And then there's Howard's involvement as well. Kannan will find out that Howard is his father this season?

The secrets we have to fester and simmer until they can't anymore, and then they come out unexpectedly. Season 2 will be dominated by that secret. At some point, there must be a reckoning.

At the end of the season finale, neither of them knew Howard was still alive. Can Raq comprehend how bad this could get for her? 

She does. Doubt creeps in. Not just as a businesswoman, but also as a mother, which is a condition of being a parent. You second-guess yourself constantly.

Her doubts have been planted. All season long, they walk a tightrope. Not wanting to give up too much, but trying to say something they don't quite understand. It explodes by the season's end.

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