Elias Theodorou, a former UFC fighter, died at the age of 34 as a result of a heart attack

 In his fight for medical marijuana as an athlete, Elias Theodorou was a charismatic mixed martial artist. He was 34.

Former UFC fighter Theodorou died Sunday in Toronto of colon cancer that metastasized, according to his official Twitter account.

He was an athlete, actor, model, stuntman, dancer, TV pitchman, Harlequin romance cover model, and cannabis advocate from Mississauga, Ontario.

Robin Black, a friend and former fighter himself, said Theodorou had not revealed his cancer diagnosis publicly. "He couldn't bear to make people sad," Black guessed.

A positive energy if there ever was one, a man who always had a winning smile on, a man who spoke out about what he believed in," Canadian fighter Sarah Kaufman wrote on social media.

After his first year at Humber College, where he studied creative advertising, Theodorou took up MMA.

Theodorou, who said cannabis allowed him to "even the playing field" and fight at a baseline level, received the exemption in February 2020 from the British Columbia Athletic Commission.

RIP Elias Theodorou. A great person and a powerful voice for more fair and equitable treatment of marijuana use in MMA and sport."

A smile spread across his face when he said, "I'm quite an extrovert.". "A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet."

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