In an era where practically any successful property can get a remake, sequel, or reboot, few would have guessed that 2009's "Orphan" would receive such an honor. 

Not only does "Orphan" feel like a film that left the pop culture zeitgeist a long time ago, but it's also a kind of stand-alone story.

A couple (Vera Farmiga & Peter Sarsgaard) adopts a Russian girl named Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman), who turns out to be a sociopathic adult and not a child at all.

The film has some good tension-building from Jaume Collet-Serra, but even fans weren't clamoring for a sequel. This week's "Orphan: First Kill" explains why.

Aside from its delightfully campy lead actress and some nice vamping from one of her co-stars, it would be completely disposable.

It seems unlikely that Esther will become a horror icon like Chucky, Jason, or Freddy. In spite of the fact that its existence seemed unlikely a few years ago, who knows?

Esther escaped an Estonian mental hospital before finding a new family, and "First Kill" documents the trouble she got into on her journey.

Having buried her murderous past, "First Kill" centers Esther more as a traditional slasher villain in early scenes, willing to do anything to get her freedom.

Her plan to find safety in a wealthy family in the States involves impersonating the missing child of the Albrights after she escapes

Since the Albrights have a secret that rivals Esther's, a showdown is inevitable, although our anti-heroine must survive to make the first film possible.

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