With the review embargo lifted, what are critics saying about this long-awaited Predator reboot? In social media, the reactions were glowing, but can the same be said about the full verdicts?

As we know all too well, social media reactions don't always reflect what's in the reviews (even 2015's Fantastic Four was praised on Twitter before taking a beating from critics)

The Predator reboot is doing very well so far, and it's good to hear that it's being received well by fans. 

While it sounds a tad formulaic, Predator fans are likely to be pleased with this new approach to the property.

Prey is being compared to that 1897 classic, and we can't imagine higher praise than that. Previous movies in this franchise have always struggled to live up to the original.

It appears that Amber Midthunder is also a standout, while critics aren't complaining about the action. 

It's a badass addition to the franchise, despite its flaws. This Friday, those all-important viewership numbers will determine whether the series continues on Hulu.

Despite its flaws, it's a great addition to the franchise. Hulu will decide whether to renew the series on Friday based on those all-important viewership figures.

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