Selma Blair Brings Everyone Tears At Dancing With The Stars' Premiere

The 31st season of "Dancing With the Stars" has begun.

This was the first time the show moved from ABC to Disney+, which meant two hours of live entertainment without commercials.

Two hours equals 86 minutes, so the producers had to find a way to fill 34 more minutes.

Bringing back the skybox meant bringing in a co-host as well. Alfonso has been a great addition to the team.

Although he's a former champion on the show, he's very passionate about it.

His friends are many of the dancers, he knows what makes the show tick, he brings humor to it, and he shows genuine interest in the celebrities."

In Monday's season premiere, pro dancers Mark Ballas and Louis van Amstel returned after taking time off in the past.

Teresa Giudice and Jason Lewis ended up in the bottom two after the judges' scores and votes were in. Giudice was saved, while Lewis was sent home.

All scores can be found by scrolling down. There will be an Elvis night on the next episode of "Dancing With the Stars."

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