HBO Max continues its content purge with approximately 200 older episodes of the classic kids' show "Sesame Street" being removed from the streaming service.

HBO Max has removed recent episodes of "Sesame Street" as part of Warner Bros. Discovery's efforts to reduce streaming content payments.

HBO Max listed 456 episodes of "Sesame Street" as of Friday, with a selection from Seasons 1, 5 and 7 and the complete season 39-52 lineup. Only 29 are from the earliest seasons. 

The streaming service previously offered about 650 total "Sesame Street" episodes, including those from Seasons 2-4, Season 6 and every season from 8 to 35.

It is the Warner Brothers' intellectual property. It has been confirmed by Discovery that HBO Max has removed several older episodes of "Sesame Street" this week.

“Our commitment to bringing 'Sesame Street' into families' homes continues with Season 53 premiering this fall and 400-plus episodes of past seasons available on Cartoonito.

Warner Bros. The decision to pull titles from HBO Max was related to Discovery+'s pending merger with the platform.

HBO Max and Discovery+ content offerings will be changed as we work toward bringing our content catalogs together on one platform, the company said. "Some content will be removed from both platforms."

HBO Max also quietly removed six Warner Bros. films and HBO shows, including "Camping," "Vinyl," and "Mrs. Fletcher" and "Run." 

Under Discovery's stewardship, HBO Max recently killed Greg Berlanti's DC series Strange Adventures and the live-action Wonder Twins movie.

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