As part of her 140th birthday celebration, Google honors Romanian physicist *tefania Mărăcineanu....

The first laboratory for the study of radioactivity was founded by Mărăcineanu after she returned from the Astronomical Observatory in Romania.

A Google Doodle on Saturday honors Romanian physicist *tefania Mărăcineanu on her 140th birthday....

A pioneer in radioactivity research, Mărăcineanu formed Romania's first laboratory for radioactivity studies after returning from Meudon's Astronomical Observatory.

Probably the first example of artificial radioactivity came from Mărăcineanu's work. Her research on artificial rain also took up a large part of her life.

In her research, she found that a significant increase in radioactivity in the Earth's epicentre leads to earthquakes, making her the first to do so.

In 1936, the Academy of Sciences of Romania recognized Mărăcineanu's contribution as a physicist and elected her as director of research.