The upsets pile up as Texas A&M and Notre Dame fall to the No. 6s and No. 8s in college football

Following Notre Dame's loss to Marshall in South Bend, No. 6 Texas A&M lost 17-14 to Appalachian State in College Station.

A relatively unassuming slate of college football games has turned into chaos after two top 10 teams were upset by unranked Group of Five opponents

There are a lot of questions to be answered for two teams that entered the season with playoff aspirations.

In addition, 19th-ranked Wisconsin lost to heavy underdog Washington State at home.

In addition to the top 25, we also saw double-digit favorite Nebraska lose 45-42 to Georgia Southern.

No. 1 Alabama narrowly escaped a big upset loss to Texas, winning 20-19. As it turned out, the drama wasn't over yet.

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