The 52-year-old Padma Lakshmi celebrates her birthday in a b*kini

Share Market Daily Writer By Mahesh Limbani Published September 1, 2022

A stunning swimsuit picture from her Hawaiian vacation in April marked the longtime "Top Chef" host's 52nd birthday on Twitter with the caption, “This is 52.”

In a black string b*ikini, Lakshmi posed along the water for the photo, wearing a pink-and-white flower crown.

It's stunning. It's amazing. One follower commented, "Goddess," while another wrote, "Lovely as ever!" I didn't look that good at 22, so more power to you! ”

In 2019, she pointed out she didn't use filters or Facetune on her b*ikini body, and two years ago, she celebrated her new decade with a series of b*ikini snaps with her ex Adam Dell.

During her birthday celebrations, Lakshmi's ex-husband, Salman Rushdie, was stabbed in a shocking attack at a literary event in New York on August 12.

As Lakshmi wrote in an Instagram post commemorating her birthday, it has been "a full year filled with highs and lows" for her.

She lost her grandmother and her friend Arthur Chadbourne. In addition to her first James Beard Foundation Award, she received three Critics' Choice Awards.

Lakshmi's post ended with a positive note, saying she had "so many blessings to count," including her daughter, Krishna, whom she calls "Littlehands."

"We are both happy, healthy, and productive at Littlehands," she wrote. In spite of a somewhat heavy heart, I feel content and thankful for this birthday."

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