Daxton and Never Have I Ever season 3 have finally debuted as a couple! As promised in the season 3 trailer, Devi and Paxton are letting Sherman Oaks High know about their relationship.

Devi worried about the public perception of her relationship from her peers in the season 3 trailer, which also alluded to their trials and tribulations.

Are Devi and Paxton a good match for each other? In the opinion of the school gossip, Devi does not have a lot to worry about.

Devi explores what it's like to commit to and be with the person she's been crushing on for years in the third and penultimate season of Never Have I Ever.

Is it all it's cracked up to be, or is the pressure too much? In addition, does the love triangle with Ben come back into play at all?

Let's take a closer look at Devi's relationship with Paxton in season 3 and see what happens to the couple.

Are they going to remain together or will they break up for good as we approach the end of the season?

Daxton does not survive season 3. As the season begins, Devi gets caught up in what others think of her and allows those false perceptions to fuel her insecurities about not being good enough.

Additionally, Devi receives an anonymous message from someone she assumes to be a troll suggesting Paxton isn't who he claims to be.

Devi later discovers that the troll was actually Paxton's ex, Haley. After having sex, she tells Devi that Paxton ghosted her.

Haley forced Paxton to confront and correct his past misdeeds by taking the Valentine's Day compatibility quiz. What did Devi get? Perkins, Eric. Devi wasn't expecting this, but it wasn't the worst.

During a paintball game, Devi doubted their relationship. As a result, Devi and Paxton call it quits, and she takes it quite hard. Even as they date other people, Paxton and Devi become friends.

Devi ends up single in the end. This is the closest these two have been to a romantic gesture in a long time, especially since Des and Paxton will be headed off to college next year.

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