There might have been a version of tonight's episode of Tales Of The Walking Dead that I would have enjoyed. Maybe if the episode's writers were a bit more talented in an alternate universe.

But this story? It makes me wonder how it got greenlit in the first place. Don't get me wrong, it had its moments. The good moments only highlight how wasteful the rest of the episode was.

In some cases, Terry Crews himself may have been responsible for making this episode enjoyable at various points. 

I find him to be an extremely likable person, a huge teddy bear who looks more like a hugger than a fighter, though I wouldn't have minded a few more chances to show off his strength.

In tonight's episode, Terry's likable, affable nature carried over to all his characters, and I felt like I was watching Terry from Brooklyn Nine-Nine rather than some bunker-dweller named Joe.

I jokingly said it would have been much more entertaining if they had cast Joe Lo Truglio (who plays Charles Boyle on 99) instead of Olivia Munn.

I stand by my statement. Olivia Munn's character was pretty flat and uninteresting, so a more comedic duo would have made this episode more entertaining.

I also enjoyed watching Sandra (Kersti Bryan), the serial killer bunker lady. 'Be careful who you meet online' had some good action and laughs. Sorry, but this isn't how pot brownies work.

I do not recommend it. I should use American football metaphors instead of baseball metaphors for the rest of these anthological episodes since this was a swing and a miss Oh well. What did you think?

Now I'm off to watch Westworld's Season 4 finale. This will be professionally written by people who know their way around scripts.

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