On Wednesday, the New York Times-owned word-guessing online game Wordle entered the puzzle arena with a new word. The five-letter word game has enveloped puzzle lovers’ communities throughout the world. Wordle throws a new problem every day, and participants need to solve it to make a winning streak. If players can solve two or more Wordle problems consecutively, they are rewarded with a winning streak; hence, all participants of Wordle try hard to guess the correct word without fail. As per the game’s rules, if a player fails to guess the right word consecutively, their winning streak end. Wordle also increases or decreases the problem’s difficulty level every day.

Wordle’s Wednesday problem, #354, has presented a new word for puzzle lovers in the same series. If you found Wordle’s solution hard in recent times, problem #354 can be categorised as easy to moderately complex. Nonetheless, here are some hints that you can use to solve the Wednesday Wordle.

The first hint you can use to solve the Wednesday Wordle is that the correct word is a noun which begins and ends with the same letter. The second hint to Wordle #354 is that the right word has a consonant as the first letter. Besides, the solution of Wednesday Wordle has two vowels and a single syllable. You can use these hints to solve the Wordle quickly.

If you have not figured out the correct word yet, here is the answer to Wordle #354, i.e. “TRAIT.”

Wordle is a website-based game developed by Josh Wordle. It became so famous that the New York Times purchased it.

The rules of Wordle are pretty straightforward. Participants need to guess a five-letter word in this game in six attempts. The game presents five boxes, each with an alphabet. If the player enters the correct alphabet in the right box, it turns green. However, if the player enters the wrong alphabet, the package becomes black. If the box turns yellow, it implies that the alphabet entered is used in the word, but its positioning is not in the correct box.

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