World Population Day 2022: The 8-billion mark looms on World Population Day

The 8-billion mark looms on World Population Day

In addition to raising awareness about how overpopulation can harm the environment and compound health hazards, World Population Day is meant to highlight the challenges overpopulation creates. Humanity’s teeming population is also explored on this day.

World Population Day has been observed every year since 1990 to raise awareness of the impacts of global population growth. UNFPA stated in a statement released for 2022 that World Population Day should not just focus on challenges like gender equality, poverty, and economic growth, but also be a celebration of human progress.

A single number does not capture the complexity of the population story, according to UNFPA, the UN agency for sexual and reproductive health.

Observed on July 11, 1987, the Day of Five Billion sparked interest in World Population Day, which was created by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

As a measure to raise awareness about population and the environment, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution establishing World Population Day as an annual event.

Over 90 countries celebrated World Population Day on July 11, 1990. As a result, UNFPA country offices and other organizations commemorate the day with government agencies and civil society organizations.

This year marks the eighth billionth of the human population, so World Population Day 2022 is themed “A World of 8 Billion: Harnessing Opportunities and Ensuring Rights and Choices for Everyone.”

Observing this day brings attention to the problems created by overpopulation and raises awareness of its harmful effects on the ecosystem and human progress. The C-19 pandemic highlighted the health effects of population growth, such as gender inequality and health concerns. China is the world’s most populous country, followed by India.

DSA estimates about population trends and future changes also assist countries in formulating and implementing policies, according to the UN. Global population growth is expected to slow in the coming decades, with 20-30 percent more people in 2050 than in 2020, according to DESA.

World Population Day 2022: Know when and how this day started, this is the theme of this year

World Population Day: Every day in the world has its own significance, because on some days a special day, festival, or something else is celebrated. During these days, everyone looks forward to them and celebrates them with great pomp and circumstance. On July 11, for example, World Population Day is celebrated every year on this day, making it an important day for the entire world. The significance and history of this day are unique. This day is also celebrated according to a special theme every year. As a result, it is important to understand what the theme of the year is. In what way does this day have a history? Let me quickly tell you what World Population Day is all about.

World Population Day’s theme for 2022 is “8 Billion World: Harnessing Opportunities and Ensuring Rights and Choices for All.”.

According to this year’s theme, there are 8 billion people on this planet, but not all of them are equal and inferior

In 1989, the UN Development Programme’s Governing Council established World Population Day. In response to the growing population and to spread awareness about family planning, the United Nations decided to celebrate World Population Day every year since the population reached 5 billion.

Human progress and development were also celebrated on World Population Day. Today, however, this day is only celebrated to draw attention to the problems associated with population growth and the need for population control.